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STUDIOVN talks design with Patrick Bean

Patrick is a creative design professional with 25 years of experience in the interior design industry. After graduating with his master's degree in design at Manchester Metropolitan University, he has worked on a number of exceptional projects across the globe, traveling extensively to see to the projects from concept to completion. He led teams at various international design studios and delivered projects ranging from luxury hospitality and retail to high-end commercial offices and residences. Some of the projects include hotel brands such as Address Hotel, Marriott, Kempinski, Hilton, Sofitel, and many more. He continues to design, mentor and lead but mostly develops.

In the cycle of designing, sourcing, and building, what are the most wasteful or unnecessary aspects of the interior design industry?

We live in deceptive times! How often at the design stage are we pursuant to a dichotomy transcribed by the ‘client’ that leaves us chasing an intangible goal? At a concept stage design should be as free as a bird, yes, we all know how relevant budget is, but we also know how stifling it can be. Therefore, being allowed to design in the spirit of openness is paramount. Understanding a fair budget is honest but then clients should trust their designers. Clients should respect their investment in the design process and not just hand over a design to a contractor to ‘value engineer’ the end product when the contractor either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care to involve the designer.

How can designers contribute to creating a more sustainable and efficient design cycle?

Take responsibility, the devil is in the detail... Use caution, pay close attention, and take control.

What design elements make or break the interior design of a space for you?

Take some advice and don’t play safe…. Trends come and go but if you have the heart for it, be eclectic - break the rules, have fun and be bold.

Which of the latest design techniques or software would you wish to see applied or used more often?

BIM/Revit have become the buzzwords but they stifle creativity for the sake of accountancy. Yes, they have their place but so do creative intuitive tools like Sketchup, Morpheus Trace, and Creative suite.

What industry-related book would you recommend reading?

Manuscript by Axel Muller-Scholl - Can you go wrong with a book that will explain the Human body ratio according to Le Corbusier, explain light and color sequencing, and at the same page illustrate how to chuck an oyster or knot a bow tie?

Patrick's Mantra:

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Confucious (551-479 B.C.) Chinese philosopher


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