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STUDIOVN talks collaboration with Tatjana Sprick

After working for two decades in set decoration, design, and fashion, Tatjana spends her time facilitating creative partnerships and creating concepts for different ventures. As a concept developer, she is always on the hunt for a new great design. Although she calls Berlin her home, she considers herself an avid traveler as well.

Why is collaboration so important in the creative field?

Creative collaborations can enhance quality and even drive innovation, and they have always existed. Look at Leonardo da Vinci, who continued to work with Andrea del Verrocchio for five more years after finishing his apprenticeship; or Picasso, who created pieces in clay with the support and advice of Madoura Pottery; or the architect Osvaldo Borsani, who developed several pieces in close collaboration with the artist Lucio Fontana. Multi-disciplinary partnerships are especially important for enhancing creative innovation. Consider the ceramic objects Ettore Sottsass was able to create with Aldo Londi, a master craftsman who devoted his entire life to ceramics. These innovative pieces were the direct result of a very special partnership, one combining dedicated research into new forms and colours with a deep knowledge of the material. It's only in more recent years that we've seen collaborations initiated by marketing departments, as opposed to the more traditional examples of creatives simply coming together to explore. I think that the purpose of collaboration has shifted drastically due to commercial interests. In these cases, audience capture is often the driving force behind the project, as opposed to pure creative experimentation.

In your opinion, what is a successful collaboration? And what does it achieve for professionals individually and for the industry as a whole?

In the best cases, the brand and the artist or the craftsman, and the creatives of any field are enabled to develop an innovative object and/or concept without any external restrictions. The most exciting outcomes are generally the result of situations in which all partners are pushed as far as they can to create something new. Listening, exchanging, exploring, learning, and failing over and over again are key components of successful processes.

How do you define a successful collaboration? Is there a specific process or a format that you wish to see used more often?

Nowadays, collaborations are a common tactic for brands looking to generate hype around their products in order to build a strong community. But that is only one form of collaboration. Not all collaborations are created equal or for marketing purposes. We should not forget that there are production-driven pairings, artists teaming up, cost-sharing initiatives, and disruptors finding new ways to expand their reach and interests.

Industry-related books, events, and clubs that you would recommend?

Books: All books by Alice Rawsthorn, Living Complex by Niklas Maak Design

Collaborative Milieus and workshops: BerlinDesignClub, Boisbuchet , Corpuscoli


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