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luxury modern dark bar interior design by STUDIOVN

The black bar design concept was created to offer unique guest experiences at every hour of the day. Engulfed in luxury finishes, such as black glass, marble, leather, and velvet, the interior design of the venue morphs from a sleek, afternoon destination into a nightly cocktail set, and then into an audiovisual after-midnight show. The bar lounge defines style and sets the mood, but provides unique marketing opportunities with the integration of unique projections in the space. The brand identity along with operations are integrated into this creative bar design and provide the space for an all-talked-about immersive guest experience.  Altering between the champagne bar, basement bar, or beach bar vibes has never been easier before.

Luxury Minimalist Modern Radisson Bar Interior Design by STUDIOVN
Innenarchitekten gastronomie luxury interior designer Berlin by STUDIOVN
Experiential Luxury Minimal Dark Bar Interior Design in Berlin by STUDIOVN
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