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Luxury commercial experiential Interior Design firm in Berlin and Dubai


VNFRAMES is a photography exploration project by Vanine Najaryan. Vanine is a documentary photographer and founder of a high-end interior design studio STUDIOVN. Having experimented with different mediums in visual arts since childhood (painting, sculpturing, photography), her interest in photography blossomed in her twenties and became her personal project of artistic self-expression. Thus, the project VNFRAMES was born in 2012. Being a zealous traveler for over a decade, she has documented cultural textures and events, street life moments, landscapes, and architecture in more than 310 cities in 45 countries. Her extensive photography collection spans Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America, some of which are presented in this gallery.


Perched between realism and delicate colour palettes, her photographic work remains preoccupied with documenting the sense of place and provoking unexpected emotions. It aims to highlight the contradictory correlation between the fast-paced modern lifestyle and moments of unexpected tranquility.

To acquire commercial edition or limited edition signed prints, please get in touch.

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