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Bullfight Sunday

Bullfight Sunday


Oman, a country with a rich history, ancient rituals and diverse natural landscapes, offers a wealth of visual treasures and cultural textures. Oman's rich cultural heritage encompasses a variety of traditional practices, and one such captivating tradition is bullfighting. Bullfighting in Oman holds a distinct place in the country's folklore, showcasing the bravery, skill, and bond between man and animal. In this unique spectacle, bulls are pitted against each other in thrilling duels of strength and agility. The traditional bullfighting arenas, known as "Maidans," come alive with the cheers of spectators as they witness the display of courage and fierce competition. This is a unique glimpse into a traditional Omani spectacle.
Bullfight Sunday documentary collection consists of 20 photographs. To acquire limited edition signed prints from this collection, please get in touch.

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