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Undocumented Humans

Undocumented Humans


Mabul Island in East Malaysia is a known spot for divers and luxury travelers. A lesser-known fact is the floating community living around the island and, usually earning their livelihood by selling the catch of the day in the Mabul Island village. Presumably, they are 3rd generation of pirates that have migrated from nearby Philipino islands. They do not hold any documents from either Philippines or Malaysia; and have no access to healthcare, education, or any support system to better their lives. Moreover, they usually fall victim to intolerant government policies, that simply deals with the matter by arresting them. No one really knows what happens to them after the arrest.
Undocumented Humans collection consists of 5 photographs. This collection was part of the "On my way" exhibition at Under the Mango Tree Gallery in Berlin and has been featured in GalleryNow and BerlinTips in 2022. To acquire limited edition signed prints from this collection, please get in touch.

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