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EXPERIENCE betahaus . Building a real-life experience with experiential design tools.

Recently, betahaus in Berlin hosted a design talk evening, organized and curated by STUDIOVN. The topic of the talk was the existing challenges in the hospitality market, such as fierce competition, difficulties in engaging with customers in more meaningful ways and creating loyalty in the 21st century. We looked at these challenges through our "design-thinking lens", and talked about what experiential interior design is, and how it can become an important tool for crafting hospitality success stories.

Naturally, we utilized this point of interaction to build a real-life experience, as well as gather feedback from the participants. We applied some elements of experiential interior design to the event space itself, to set the mood and define the ambience for the evening. The objectives were to create a sense of welcome, make the guests feel more comfortable, and promote interaction between them. The selection and implementation of design elements were limited by setup time (within 30 mins), human power and budget. We carefully selected the smell to refresh air quality within the space and create unifying psychometrics. The lighting ambience was set through the smart use of available lighting fixtures and the addition of clusters of warm luminaires. The music playlist was carefully selected to create masking noise and to encourage interaction, as well as influence the perception of cosiness and vibrant funk. The layout of the furniture was altered to encourage guests to socialize.

Turning this space

into this space.

A review from one of our guests:

"It was really really nice, and besides a very interesting talk, I met a lot of inspiring people! Thanks for organizing the event!"

The guests also took little souvenirs as visual memorabilia from the event, which will be integrated into the next experience. We also asked our guests to participate in the survey, to understand if the ambience we had created had been perceived as intended, some of them are presented below.

Did you notice the setup was different?

a. Yes, immediately. - 66,7%

b. No, not really. - 16,7%

c. It changed my mood for the better but didn't know why. - 16,7%

d. It changed my mood for the worse but didn't know why. - 0 %

Did you notice the smell?

a. Yes, immediately and enjoyed it. - 83,3%

b. Yes, immediately and did NOT enjoy it. - 0%

c. No, didn't notice it. - 0%

d. Noticed it only, when informed about it. - 16,7%

Did you find the overall experience engaging? (defined on a scale from 1 to 6; 6 being the highest)

The average score of the participants' rating is 5.3.

Did you find the overall experience pleasant? (defined on a scale from 1 to 6; 6 being the highest)

The average score of the participants' rating is 6.0.

This concludes our summary for experience #01. We will continue to organize and build these eclectic real-life experiences, inviting guests from different disciplines to uphold diversity. If you are interested in becoming a speaker, presenting a project, exhibiting your latest designs or products, or hosting or sponsoring the next event, click on this to do get in touch.


STUDIOVN is an experiential interior design studio with an interdisciplinary approach to interior architecture, interior design and experiential design. We believe that curated design experience provides the novelty that will indeed become the real differenti­ator. For collaborations & opportunities get in touch.



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