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Upper Egypt, with its ancient history and captivating landscapes, offers a treasure trove of stories waiting to be documented. Situated in the southern part of Egypt, Upper Egypt is a region steeped in history, tracing its origins back to the time of the pharaohs. From the iconic temples of Luxor and Karnak to the magnificent Valley of the Kings, the region boasts a wealth of archaeological treasures. This collection of documentary photographs in Upper Egypt brings to life the captivating stories of everyday Egypt and landscapes of the ancient land. Beyond the archaeological wonders, Upper Egypt also boasts breathtaking landscapes. From the fertile Nile Valley and the fertile agricultural lands to the awe-inspiring desert oases, the region is a visual feast for capturing the beauty of nature. Vanine's documentary photography collection aims to showcase lesser known stories and landscapes of this iconic land.
Upper Egypt collection consists of 20 landscape, architecture, and social documentary photographs. To acquire limited edition signed prints from this collection, please get in touch.

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